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Kentucky Nursing Home Neglect Attorney



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Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse

Do you reside in southern Indiana or the Louisville area and suspect elder abuse of a relative or friend? Have you personally witnessed incidents of elder neglect? Have you seen the gruesome Stage Four pressure sores on the body of a loved one? If so, take immediate action for two very important reasons.

The first is to ensure the continued safety and health of your loved one. The second is to hold those responsible accountable. Taking action now will stop this abuse of your loved one and other innocent residents.

Be vigilant about elder abuse

If you suspect abuse but don’t know for sure, read the following statutes. Still uncertain or don’t quite understand the legal mumbo jumbo? Then take time to call the Poppe Law Firm in Louisville for expert guidance. The attorneys at Poppe are skilled in personal injury law and will listen to your story before conducting its own investigation.

Hesitant about being a whistle-blower? Stop and think about your loved one lying in a bed, not knowing if they will be pinched, punched or tormented. Think of her lying there, not getting food or water delivered on time. Think of her waiting for a bath that never is given. They can’t fight for themselves. Only you can. Your loved one may hesitate reporting abuse for fear of retribution. You visit. They live there.

According to a 1996 study by the National Center for Elder Abuse in Washington, D.C., researchers found 500,000 persons age 60 and older were victims of domestic abuse. More alarmingly, the study found that just 16 percent of cases are reported. According to the NCEA, the United States Senate Special Committee on Aging estimated 5 million cases of elder abuse occur yearly. NCEA said cases of elder abuse had increased every year over a 10-year period and revealed family members often are abusers of elders.

If you have incidents to report, share it with the Poppe Law Firm, which will fight in court to punish the perpetrators while safeguarding the fragile health of your loved one who is totally dependent for their health and safety.

Defining elder abuse and neglect

Here is how the American Bar Association Commission on Aging defined types of abuse in Adult Protective Services Statutes in an August 2005 report:

In Indiana, an endangered adult is defined as…”1) at least 18 years of age, 2) incapable by reason of mental illness, mental retardation, dementia, drunkenness, habitual use of drugs, or other physical or mental incapacity of managing or directing the management of the individual’s property or providing or directing the provision of self care and 3) harmed or threatened with harm as a result of A) neglect B) battery or C) exploitation of the individual’s personal services or property.”

In Kentucky, abuse is defined as… “the infliction of physical pain, mental injury or injury of an adult”….exploitation as…”the improper use of an adult or an adult’s resources by a caretaker or other person for the profit or advantage of the caretaker or other person”…neglect as…”a situation in which an adult is unable to perform or obtain for himself the services which are necessary to maintain his health or welfare, or the deprivation of services by a caretaker which are necessary to maintain the health and welfare of an adult, or a situation in which a person deprives his spouse of reasonable services to maintain health and welfare.”

With the Poppe firm, you are given a complimentary visit to share your confidential situation. Barbara Crawford, Hans G. Poppe, Megan Snider and Alene Stallman build a relationship with you while recording your information before building a case to try in a court of law.

Nursing home red flags

When visiting your loved one at the nursing facility, go unannounced. Visit on different shifts. Notice other residents. Listen to them -- they will talk. Be your loved one’s eyes and ears. Ask your mother what the nurse’s name is. Ask her if her caretakers are gentle. Find out if her privacy is respected.

Look around. Is the floor clean? Are there dirty dishes on the bedside table? Is the water pitcher filled? Does it have ice? Is there even a clean glass on the table? Do your mom’s clothes smell? Is there a urine odor in her room, hall or lobby? Focus on the nurse’s station. Are staffers updating charts, filling drug prescriptions, preparing meals? Or do minutes go by before you even see a staffer? If so, this is what your loved one deals with 24-7. But she can’t fight for her rights. Only you can, with the help of the professional elder abuse counsel of the Poppe Law Firm.

Listen for the residents’ call alarms. How long do they ring? Do you hear residents calling for assistance? If you do, note how long it takes for the pleas to be heeded.

Remember, your loved one’s health and safety is at stake. If you sense abuse, do something about it by calling the attorneys at the Poppe Law Firm. We will listen to your personal story and help you. Our trusted expertise will rescue your loved one from this suffering. And for their pain and suffering, we seek a fair and just resolution in court. We will target officials of wrongdoing. We won’t stand by when we hear convincing details of elder abuse.

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