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Many people confuse mass torts and class actions. While a mass tort might become a class action, it doesn’t always. Unlike a class action, in mass tort cases there may be multiple trials. Clients in mass tort cases are individually represented by one or more lawyers in multiple cases arising out of certain conduct occurring on a large scale basis. A good example is a dangerous drug being placed in the marketplace and causing a significant injury to hundreds or thousands of people all across the country. Each of those injured people may hire lawyers to file lawsuits in the state in which they live (or in the state the pharmaceutical company is incorporated or has its principle place of business).

A single judge may then be asked to handle all of the cases filed across the country to ensure consistency in rulings. Generally, the judge will then be tasked with appointing one or more lawyers to aid the court and assist the other lawyers in advancing the cases. This ensures the hundreds of cases advance at a similar pace and it avoids the duplication of efforts and resources on all sides.

The three four categories of mass torts and class actions include:

Current Mass Torts:

Syngenta Viptera Corn Litigation

The lawyers at the Poppe Law Firm filed the first Kentucky lawsuit on behalf of corn farmers and grain elevator companies and others financially harmed by Syngenta rushing Viptera MIR 162 to market before obtaining approval of the GMO corn in China.  We are currently answering questions and helping farmers and others in the agriculture industry determine if they have a potential claim for lost profits as a result of the 50-60% drop in corn prices following China's rejection of all US corn.  This litigation is picking up steam around the country and the attorneys at the Poppe Law Firm in Louisville, Kentucky are ready to assist Kentucky corn farmers.

China is the second largest consumer of US corn in the world.  Syngenta's sale of Viptera in the United States created an unacceptable risk that Viptera GMO corn would be mixed with other corn prior to shipment.  Once the corn was commingled, the Chinese government predictably rejected all US corn shipments.  This led to a catastrophic drip in corn prices.Please contact Hans or Warner at 502-895-3400, or toll free at 1-855-864-8949.  You may also complete the intake form on our website if you prefer.

The Poppe Law Firm has experience in handling both multi-plaintiff mass torts as well as class actions. If you, or someone you know, suffered an injury as a result of something similar to the above, we can help. Call us.

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