Court Rules Against Dr. Dre in Trademark Dispute with Dr. Drai

05/10/2018 | Business Litigation

Dr. Dre is a famous and successful musician and music producer who has produced and recorded platinum selling albums. He also is credited with discovering rapper Eminem as well as creating Beats By Dre headphones. While the nickname Dr. Dre could suggest he a doctor; he is not, which is the current subject of a recent trademark dispute surrounding the famous rapper and an actual doctor.

Dr. Drai is a Pennsylvania OB/GYN who appears on television and has authored several books.  Dr. Drai, whose real name is Draion Burch, wants to trademark the name Dr. Drai for his medical and motivational speaking services. Dr. Dre the rapper objected to the trademark on grounds that it would cause confusion between the two brands and falsely suggest a connection between them. Unfortunately for Dr. Dre, the US Patent and Trademark Office disagreed and dismissed the  challenge, permitting Dr. Drai to trademark his name.