Hans To Argue Before Kentucky Supreme Court Wednesday.

06/07/2010 | Legal Malpractice

I will be arguing before the Kentucky Supreme Court on Wednesday, June 9, 2010.  The case involves a legal malpractice case that was dismissed by the trial court because the plaintiff had assigned a portion of the potential legal malpractice proceeds to a third party.  The Court of Appeals agreed and affirmed the dismissal.  I filed a motion for discretionary review on behalf of my client and the Kentucky Supreme Court granted review (which is very rare).  
The Court of Appeals placed Kentucky in the minority of states by holding that a plaintiff cannot pursue his legal malpractice case if he assigns any portion of the proceeds from the legal malpractice case to another person.

You can watch the oral arguments live Wednesday, June 9 at 9:00 am to the SCOKY website.