Colleen Hawk

Her career in Pennsylvania began in the Mergers and Acquisitions section of one of the largest law firms in the world, but she quickly realized a passion for litigation when asked to assist on a products liability case involving an over-the-counter medication.  Since then, she has spent over 20 years assisting attorneys in complex, multi-million dollar litigation for both plaintiff and defense, working with some of the top trial attorneys in both Pennsylvania and Kentucky in multiple federal and state jurisdictions. 


She joined The Poppe Law Firm in March 2019 to continue to focus on her true purpose of seeking justice for injured parties, while allowing for more professional and personal growth.  As a paralegal with The Poppe Law Firm, Colleen works in all areas of litigation, from initial communications with clients all the way through trial, and assists in crafting and directing each case she works on to a successful settlement or verdict.


In her free time, Colleen focuses on spending quality time with her three children, reading, and getting into nature whenever the weather permits.

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